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"Since 1927 legends from the Honesdale community have laid the foundation that we work with today. They've left large shoes for us to fill," said Brian Fulp, Past President, "but Honesdale Rotary isn't simply filling those shoes, we are blazing a new path into the future and we plan to leave tracks so others may follow us."

Our membership has grown to include a diverse multi-generational base. We are fortunate to have dedicated, long standing members who are guiding and mentoring those who are joining us.  

Honesdale Rotary is proud to have helped in the creation of the first public library in Kumbo, Cameroon, West Africa. You can learn more about that ongoing, worldwide project here: http://hiprojects.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/building-the-kumbo-public-library/

Also in June 2010, Honesdale Rotary launched Blues, Brews & BBQ, a fundraiser that supported Dessin Animal Shelter as well as other local projects supported by Rotary.

We have an active crew and along with the Kumbo Library in Africa, we support a more active Interact Club located at the Honesdale High School. With more than 60 students joining that club they have become very involved in fundraising in their community. The past year has seen the Haunted Walke Asylum; a Halloween fundraiser, a program called LittleBuddies involving the local elementary students in a mentoring program and other projects.